Aged Accounts Receivable System by Excel

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Product : Aged Accounts Receivable System by Excel


A data processing accounts using excel, which can yield some important information that is needed related to receivables, such as :

  • Balance receivable
  • Aging of receivables
  • Aging analysis of receivables
  • and graphic aging

The system is integrated with a your computer date. Change the date on your computer will affect the aging information. Criteria for current receivables, less current or jam can be monitored through the information age of the receivables.


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2 Responses to “Aged Accounts Receivable System by Excel”
  1. eric says:

    am thinking of purchasing 1.but i need more samples online so i get to see how it works

    • excelaccounting says:

      For a sample already exists, but I have not been launched, because I need to prepare the video display. thank you

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